Subject: They really are complete & utter morons ... aren't they?
From: Veronica
Date: 21/2/13 11:11 am
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Why, in heaven's name, do we elected these idiots?

That article is so full of such utter puerile bullshit & complete codswallop, I can't be bothered to comment any further on it ... except to remind everyone that "Education (as it stands today ... and during all our lifetimes) is provably nothing more than INDOCTRINATION" (apart from everything else. For example: Go to study 'climate' at East Anglia University, and you'll leave - having been convinced that there is such a thing as 'Global Warming' - or that vaccines create 'immunisation' ... and so on)

Why, in heaven's name, do people buy the Daily Fail?

(Oh ... thank goodness for the Internet!!!!! Warts & all)