Subject: Michael Tellinger & the Ubuntu Party
From: Veronica
Date: 20/2/13 8:53 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Michael Tellinger is the South African 'version' of Veronica Chapman in the UK.

Or you could say that Veronica Chapman is the UK 'version' of Michael Tellinger in South Africa.

It doesn't matter which way round you say it. The point is that both Michael & I came to precisely the same conclusions, completely independently of each other ... and neither of us knew the other existed until Ray Moore drew my attention to Michael. Then I watched one of Michael's YooToob videos and was blown away - because he was saying exactly what I was saying.

So I sent him a copy of my book.

And have kept in contact with him.

In the last 6 months Michael has created a 'Political Party' called the UBUNTU Party ("UBUNTU" is Zulu for "abundance"). He did not do this in order to enter politics. He did it to enable him to approach other Political Parties on an equal footing.

His latest initiative is to ask the South African Government (Note: a Commonwealth Country ... with historic ties to Britain as well as Holland!), what the hell is going on?

This is based on the fact that - we know - that all countries on the planet are CORPORATIONS, these days.

He's now upping the ante to the Minister of Justice in SA:

I would suggest that we should do the same ... if it wasn't for our Cameron/Osborne letter. We must not take our eyes off that ball. They were given 40 days .. which expires on March 23rd. After this the proposal is to go through the 2nd & 3rd ('reminders') of the 3-letter process to gain lawful estoppel. Once we have estoppel, we can start Indictments for Treason.

Thus, what I'm suggesting is that Michael Tellinger is doing this in one way, and we are creating another prong. Both prongs point to the same result.