Subject: I'm getting bombarded ...
From: Veronica
Date: 20/2/13 12:00 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... with e-mails touting an "Historic Case to Challenge BBC's 9/11 Coverage", and a link to the information, such as:

(This has even appeared in David Icke's Headlines)

Right. So let's set things straight, shall we?

First of all the "ae" in "" stands for "Architects & Engineers" (for 9/11 Truth) headed by a wanker called Richard Gage.

He is being driven by a complete arsehole called (ex-)Professor Steven Earl Jones, who trails a load of crony wankers behind him (such as Professor Niels Harrit ... one of Jones' favourite cronies).

Steven Jones claims to be "The Great Physicist", but has a history of trying to leading vast swathes of gullible people right up the swanee, and round the garden.

In 1989 he did the same thing to Pons & Fleischman's Cold Fusion experiment  ... which was actually A SUCCESS ... but demonised by Jones. It is mainly for this reason that Free Energy remains suppressed ... because P&F tapped into Free Energy. Here's a link to what happened in 1989:

One of those appearing in the documentary was a DECENT Physicist called Dr. Eugene Mallove. A couple of years later Dr. Mallove wrote a book about it, called Fire from Ice. In that book, Mallove (in 1991) says:

1. Give P&F's Cold Fusion a chance.
2. Give Steven Jones' Cold Fusion a chance.
3. Give Hot Fusion (i.e. in Accelerators ... such as the one at MIT, where Mallove was the Editor of the MIT Journal)
 a chance.

In 2004, Dr. Mallove went on George Noory's Coast-to-Coast AM, and declared:

1. P&F's Cold Fusion is the REAL DEAL!
2. Hot Fusion was a very expensive and complete waste of time & money.
3. Steven Jones' version of Cold Fusion wasn't even mentioned.

A couple of months later Dr. Mallove was shot dead in a 'drive-by' shooting ... the perpetrators were never caught.

Dr. Mallove had a nephew, called Michael Zebuhr.

Michael was a student of Dr. Judy Wood, at Clemson University (before Dr. Wood was sacked for speaking out about 9/11)

Together they created an experiment, with proved Steven Jones to be a LIAR.

In 2006, Michael was shot dead as he and his mother, sister & her boyfriend were leaving a restaurant:

Gosh! Don't these 'co-incidences' mount up? A guy and his uncle ... BOTH SHOT DEAD IN VERY -STRANGE- CIRCUMSTANCES. And who is in the center of this? (ex-) PROFESSOR STEVEN EARL JONES.

The REAL 9/11 Truth can be found on Dr. Judy Wood's website: (WTC Complete destruction) and Dr. Morgan Reynold's website (No-planes ... there were NO PLANES hitting the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, or crashing in Shanksville, Penn).

This so-called "Historic Case to Challenge BBC's 9/11 Coverage" ... will not go anywhere near the REAL Truth, it will concentrate on the UTTER BOLLOX promulgated by Steven Earl Jones.


BUT ... and this is the 'biggie' ... it may very well not get very far.

And those involved are likely to emerge will massive egg on their faces.

And here's why.

The case is actually "Refusal to pay the TV Licence" ... the argument being that the bollox the BBC put out "encourages the War on Terror ... which is terrorism".

That much is, of course, absolutely true.


1. It's taking place in a Star Chamber, in front of 3 Maggots.

2. The likelihood is that they will (how can I put this) "Do a Michael Doherty" on the idiotic Tony Rooke (the one accused of not paying his TV Licence) ... in other words "Find him guilty" whatever evidence he may offer to the contrary.

3. The Maggots are unlikely to listen to 'Expert Witnesses' Niels Harrit, and Tony Farrell (shame Tony's mixed up in this!) ... that's even assuming they let them speak. If they are allowed to speak, everything said will go in one ear & out the other ... you can be sure.

4. The 3 Rubber-stamping Maggot-clowns are really UNlikely to let Rooke get away with not paying his TV Licence ... I mean ... that's an example they could ill-afford? No? Yes?

In the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event that Rooke wins his case, ABSOLUTELY ZERO 9/11 TRUTH will actually have been exposed ... because if the BBC are forced to 'impartially' parrot "Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth's" BULLSHIT ... then one pack of bullshit will have been substituted for another pack of bullshit.

(More information here, if anyone is interested in the REAL TRUTH: + FOLLOW ALL THE LINKS)