Subject: Ohhh now he tells us!
From: Veronica
Date: 19/2/13 11:47 am
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Ken Livingstone - Kincora Boys Home - MI5 filming

Thanks, Ken ... better late than never I suppose!

Off on a tangential rant (as ever): If anyone ever had the idea the MI5 & MI6 (etc) 'works or ever worked' on behalf of The People of the UK, then I'm sorry to destroy that idea.

"MI" always stood for "Military Intelligence" ... that's not "Intelligence on behalf of The People" ... that's "Intelligence on behalf of the MILITARY".

The difference? "Military" wants to look after itself, doesn't it? Generals need to be Generals, don't they?

What's a General without an Army? Just a person, like everyone else. That's no good! Not to the General!

"YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!" ... claimed the posters ... bearing an image of Lord Kitchener. The implication was "Your country needs you ... to fight for our way of life".

Depends on how one interprets the word "our", dunnit?

What was really meant was: "THEY need YOU to fight for THEIR way of life, because THEY are too chicken-shit and incapable of doing it". (Fuck "your" way of life ... who cares about that? You probably won't even end up alive, anyway. So YOU won't end up having "a way of life"!)

That's all part & parcel of "Military Intelligence".

What's lost in all this? Without something to protect, there would be no "Military" ... no need for it. So it's not a very good idea to shit on the very thing that gives you 'a purpose'. But then - can Robots think that far?