Subject: A word from the wise ...
From: Veronica
Date: 16/2/13 11:27 am
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... in other words, Kate at the UK Column, regarding

"Keep away from them, they simply collect your data. Gordon Brown used them, Obama used them, They work for government and are linked to many others like MoveOn, and 38 degrees..........Soros funded!"

... in other words they work for (a) Paedophiles (Gordon Brown & Obama) and (b) Crack-cocaine-loving-cock-sucking deviants (Obama)

Which reminds me of something in recent e-mails ... where people send me links to Websites, saying "Have I heard of them? What do I think?".

The answer is, generally, "Yes" ... but sometimes it's "No".

But that's not the point.

The point is that, creating Websites, costs 'money'. The 'smoother' and more cushty/jazzy the site, the more 'money' was involved in creating it. GENERALLY THE SORT OF 'MONEY' THAT ONLY GOVERNMENT BLACK BUDGETS CAN AFFORD.

The reason for this is because the 'smoothness' and 'jazziness' is created by Scripts (JavaScript, etc). And that requires EXPENSIVE 'Geeks' to create ... people who know absolutely nothing ... except how to write Computer Scripts.

So ... when you look at a site ... look at the jazziness & smoothness of the functionality. This (almost always) gives a BIG CLUE as to 'who is, actually, behind them'.

The obvious ones are Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo ... even Amazon & eBay ... etc.

(Personally I do use Amazon and eBay ... SO I KNOW MY PURCHASES ARE TRACKED AND TRACED ... but I don't really care about that ... since I've no intention of buying Snuff Movies, or Child Porn, etc. In fact my 'purchasing profile' PROVES that I don't).

The reason why I don't use Facebook & Twitter, etc is because if the intent of their design.

Yes, the intent is to create an in-depth profile of you ... but it's more than that.

It's to CONTROL you. It's also to get you to RELY on it.

You post something up on Facebook ... and everyone clambers to read it.


I know that Michael Doherty uses his Facebook Page to get information out to his followers.

And, yes, that is surely 'useful'.


Sure, he's becoming a 'hero in his own lunchtime' ... and sure ... he deserves it ... but that's just ONE!

If even only ONE PERCENT of his followers would do likewise, we could make serious inroads into this corruption.

And that's the point ... Facebook doesn't create ACTION ... and ACTION is what we need

Facebook just creates "Ooooh! Aaaaah!" ("Spectacle"?)

I've only ever seen a few Websites that tend to break the "jazziness means avoid it" Rule.

One is which is run by my very good friend Andrew Johnson ... although it's not terribly 'jazzy'. Another is, in which Andrew has a major hand ... once again 'not terribly jazzy'.

Another, which was brought to my attention recently ... which IS quite smooth & jazzy ... is I was - initially - a bit sceptical about that site until I checked and found it was created by Jon Witterick ... who was  one of the first to push out GOOD 'paperwork' stuff about getting rid of debts. So, although this site is smooth and a bit jazzy, Jon is putting out good stuff. (My own DebBust offering is based on a re-write and adaptation of Jon's original works) The only problem is that he's not 'moving on' and 'developing' it. And this needs to happen because the 'paperwork' route only works sometimes (it depends on how Fascist the Protagonists are).

I think that the difference, that makes the above sites "OK", is the DEPTH and DETAIL of the information they are putting out.

So, that's something to assess i.e. "Is this site REALLY telling me anything, and is it glossing over details?".

Sites like Avaaz and PetitionsUK fail anyway, because (as I said years ago in my book), Petitions, Demonstrations, Letter-writing Campaigns ("Everyone write to your MP!") ... and so on ... never create any real change ... 'They' simply laugh behind their hands at you - for wasting your time. (I don't know how the information got passed to Tom Watson last year ... it must be the exception that broke the Rule).

(Out Letter to Cameron & Osborne isn't a 'campaign' or 'petition'. It's a Writ of Mandamus ...that's not a 'polite Petition Request' ... it's not "10,000 people support saving the badgers" ... it's a "Command" saying get off your arse, or make way for someone who will. It will only become a laughing matter if we fail to implement the threat to hold them accountable to Treason).

I hope this helps when deciding which Websites to follow ... it IS a tricky business ... just watch out for being 'sucked in to INaction' ("ACTIONS speak louder than words")