Update: 11th February, 2010: Bank of England admits this all in a published Bulletin 

“Cash” is banknotes and coins. “Cash” cannot be “money” for the simple reason that about 93% of all “money” is simply numbers on computer databases. And, as such, is not coins & banknotes. “Money” can be CONVERTED INTO coins & banknotes (“cash”) by Banks and other Financial Institutions. But 93% is never converted.

And “cash” is also not “money”, because it is REAL, and “money” is NOT real.

“Money” is “credit” (or “debit”). This is obvious from any ledger or balance sheet.

The definition of “credit” is: “Faith placed in something”. (Look it up).

“Money” is, therefore, nothing more than “faith placed in something”. Exactly the same as any religion.

Coins & banknotes are real, physical, objects that REPRESENT that “faith”.

They are NOT that “faith”, they are merely REPRESENTATIONS OF that “faith”.

This is because “faith” is an imagination. An idea. A concept. A belief. (Look it up)

Coins & banknotes are nothing more than Tokens for a Monetary/Belief System, such that these “beliefs”, or “faiths”, can be conveniently passed around the physical world.

However, since “money” is nothing more than a belief, it is hard to see how anyone could claim to have been ‘deprived of it’. Any more than someone could claim to have been ‘deprived of religious faiths’, because the two are exactly the same.

The PROMISE, printed on a Bank of England note, is meaningless, worthless and valueless. For the simple reason that it ‘promises to pay’ (for example) “a sum of £10”.

But “a sum of £10” is nothing more than the imagination of “credit”.

Thus “a sum of £10” does not exist in the physical world. No-one has ever seen “a sum of £10”, and never will, because it simply does not exist.

All that exists are pieces of paper PROMISING to PAY IT ON DEMAND. A promise that has not ever, cannot, and will not ever, actually be fulfilled. Because the source material is simply a belief. A belief that is, in point of fact, totally unnecessary. Because the whole “idea” of a “currency” is one MASSIVE Grand Deception. A Grand Illusion that, for centuries since its inception, has pulled the wool over the eyes of everyone on this planet.

A banknote is nothing more than Promissory Note. An undated IOU. It is, therefore, “worth” as much as any Promissory Note/IOU written by anyone i.e. precisely NOTHING. In fact a Promissory Note written by someone else is usually larger in size, and consequently “worth” more in “paper” (because it contains more tree fibres).

The concept of “money” has never had but one single purpose. TO CONTROL YOU. To keep your nose in the trough, or to the grindstone. To keep you locked inside a prison-with-invisible-bars. So you are in a prison, but do not realise it, because you cannot see the bars. In a Mind Prison. A Mind-Fuck is the basic way of expressing it..

But that is all this absurd “belief” ever brings into this world, in practice. It contributes absolutely nothing else, except Mind-Fucks generating “greed”.

If a worthwhile Belief System is necessary, then try “honour”, “integrity”, “openness”, “being candid”, “respectful”, and so on. These imaginations are worth far more than avarice, deviousness, bullying and browbeating engendered by the Monetary Belief System, including its ‘bought and paid for, in their pocket – whether they realise it or not’ Parliaments, Courts, Court so-called ‘Officials’, Debt Collecting Agencies, Local so-called ‘Authorities’, Police so-called ‘Authorities’ and so on. All having been bought and paid for by, and thus carrying out the dirty work of, the Banks and Financial Institutions.

And all due to one thing only: A MIND-FUCK trading, and basing its entire existence on, nothing more than general gullibility and naivety. A House of Cards, built on sand, located right on the edge of the cliff. And, as the grains of sand slowly slip away ... the House of Cards is slowing slipping into the sea. To become sunk for evermore.

Or, putting this another way, if – after reading this - you still don’t understand, then you must be incredibly gullible and utterly naïve. (And rather stupid, actually … however ‘clever’ you may believe yourself to be. You are simply kidding yourself).

Update 11th February, 2010

In a 2008 Quarterly Bulletin, the Bank of England published a speech  which pointed out that "Banks make 'money' by 'writing cheques to themselves'"

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Bulletin Page = 103
PDF Page = 105

Bottom paragraph left:

Extract: "...banks extend credit by simply increasing the borrowing customer’s current account, which can be paid away to wherever the borrower wants by the bank ‘writing a cheque on itself’. That is, banks extend credit by creating money."