What, exactly, is Lawful Rebellion?


While, on the one hand, the sterling efforts of the UK Column (and many others) to expose the insidious corruptions of Common Purpose and paedophilia are to be thoroughly commended, the answer (the antidote) does not lie in mere exposure.

For the simple reason that exposure is one thing, but 'connection to day-to-day activities' is another, and considerably more complex.

(This all being a part of 'their' plan, of course. To create a complexity that is very difficult to see and to unravel).

What is necessary, in practice, are 'stonewalls' against all of this. Practical stonewalls, or (to use the Internet idiom) 'firewalls'.

Well, that's Lawful Rebellion.

Behind a firewall of Lawful Rebellion, it matters not one iota how corrupt the Monarch or Parliament are. Or whether the European Union even exists. Or whether Common Purpose exists. Or whether there are paedophiles around. And so on. For the simple reason that you have placed yourself, your family, and your friends, behind a firewall.

All that is necessary is for each and every decent person to construct their own firewall, and every DECENT person is safe against anything but Nuclear Attack.

So what, exactly, IS Lawful Rebellion?

Well, it's really very, very simple. Fundamentally a Mindset, based on plain Common Sense and reason.

The Mindset is: Not to be afraid on anyone.

Because everyone is equal.

Which is very easy to say, of course. But what about the 'doing' part?

Well, that's actually nothing like as hard as it sounds. All it takes is some basic understanding about the facts of life.

1. The understanding that the Common Law is the bedrock on which all civilisation is built, simply because it IS 'civilisation', i.e. 'civilised and honourable behaviour'. And that's all it is. Therefore, if you understand 'civilised behaviour', then you understand the Common Law. And, if you understand the Common Law (civilised behaviour), all you need to do is to lock your Mindset to it.

Once your Mindset is locked into civilised behaviour, everything you see around you becomes clearly defined. You are readily capable of detecting UNcivilised behaviour, and thus able to immediately raise up the firewall to block it.

2. The firewall consists, in practice, of nothing more than sensible, civilised, and reasonable questions. And these questions come simply from your understanding of what 'civilised behaviour' means.

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that is UNcivilised is capable of being questioned. For the simple reason that you know the questions will NOT be answerable by yardsticks derived from truth, decency and honesty, etc.

3. And this method has very distinct advantages. In-built into the system of corruption (we are all up against) MUST BE the fact that those who unwittingly perpetrate it, MUST NEVER realise they are doing so. The systems of corruption indoctrinate and ingrain so thoroughly that millions grow up not realising that they are being mind-molded into UNcivilised behaviour. 

In short, when you ask such people reasonable, sensible, down-to-earth, very simple questions ... THEY ARE IMMEDIATELY ALL AT SEA! They are simply stunned for an answer. Because it does not compute with their indoctrinated Mindset. Their basic reaction is simply to push the problem higher up the 'chain of command', and forget about it as soon as possible. This doesn't help because those higher up the chain of command are similarly indoctrinated, and have no more idea than those 'below'. The net result is that they steamroll on (not one of them knowing what else to do). They steamroll on, that is, UNTIL THEIR SHIP EVENTUALLY COLLIDES WITH THE HARBOUR WALL. The 'harbour wall' being your sensible, decent, unanswerable questions. At this point they are not only all at sea, but seriously torpedoed, bailing out like dervishes, and sinking fast.

And those are the levers you can use to built your firewall.

In short, therefore, Lawful Rebellion is simply chucking as many spanners as possible into the works. The 'spanners' simply being reasonable (fundamentally unanswerable) questions.

If there were no corruption, if everyone and everything were acting decently and honestly in the first place, then those questions would not need to be asked. They would not be necessary, and would simply not apply.

Thus the whole situation is 'self-correcting'.

As far as the questions are concerned: Make them up. Make them up as you go along. You'll know (in your heart) what's wrong, and you'll also know (in your heart) what's right.

It's all, in general, based on 'authority'. And the fact that, in order for another to have any authority over you, YOU MUST EXTEND IT TO THEM. You must make the conscious (or sub-conscious) effort to bend to their will, and suppress your own will. SO JUST DON'T DO THAT. Don't 'bend' to their will. Cling, like a crab, to your own free will.

So the first question to ask is: "What is your authority to place that demand on me? Where does your authority come from? Where and when did I, of my own free will, and not under duress or deception, promise any obligation to you? Where is it? Show me some documented proof"

Things that were raging 'red hot', suddenly go very cold when such questions are asked.

That's basically where it starts, and that's Lawful Rebellion. And these questions apply to Courts, Police, Local Authorities ... indeed EVERYONE.

The vast majority of Lawful Rebellion takes the form of correspondence, and does not ever become 'physical'. However, there are instances where "the steamroller" gets to 'physical' e.g. Bailiffs on the doorstep. (Maybe even accompanied by Policymen).

So, perhaps, the ultimate thing to remember is this: Common Assault is a CRIME. Punishable by a prison sentence. And Common Assault is defined as ANYTHING THAT MAY CAUSE YOU TO FEEL UNLAWFULLY THREATENED. It does NOT have to be 'physical'. It can be PURELY 'mental'.

Thus, when approached in any kind of threatening manner, when they have no authority or jurisdiction to do so, YOU ARE BEING ASSAULTED. And whoever is approaching you is COMMITTING A CRIME.



Use a commanding voice:

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, BRO'! Take one more step and the sky could easily fall in on you, because I'll have you for Common Assault! In front of witnesses. So, before taking that one more step, find out whether or not I can do that! I assure you I can, and will. Because I know the Law-of-the-Land ... even if you apparently don't!

You need some jurisdiction over me before I'm not able to report you for trespass. So, let's discuss your jurisdiction, shall we? Before you end up behind bars? That would be the best idea, don't you think?

I know you feel pretty safe behind that uniform. But that's only because very few people understand the Law and their Rights. And I'm not in that category. I know my Rights, and I know yours - even if you don't.

Now, have I caused injury or loss to anyone? No? Have I breached the peace? No? Have I been devious in my promises and agreements? No? In that case you are way outside your jurisdiction, and came very close to CRIMINAL TRESPASS.

So back off ... now ... and stay there.

Your so-called authority is a House of Cards, built on sand. And it is obviously long past time you realised that.

Right. Now. Before we go any further, show me documented proof of your authority and jurisdiction, and let's discuss its limitations. Because there are very many of them.

Did you take an Oath of Service, in order to wear that uniform in public? Was it solemn? We can start from there. Repeat it for me, please ..."

You will be standing in front of a QUITE PERPLEXED (and possibly slightly bemused) Policyman. (Quite possibly back-pedalling like mad).

It just takes 'bottle'. Which comes from the knowledge that you have RIGHT ON YOUR SIDE (and a mouth with which to express your Rights ... changing tones of voice appropriately)

(This information is based on the practical experiences of various people. Show any kind of 'fear', and you are done for. You goose is thoroughly cooked. Stand up for yourself, know your Rights - which are in your heart - and it is possible, and people have shown, that a situation can be turned around to your favour. According to the Magna Carta 1215, it is every English person's DUTY to do this, and thereby keep the corruption in check)