How much are you worth? (UK only)


Now there is always a confusion. A British 'billion' was always defined as a 'million million', whereas an America billion has always been a 'thousand million'. (The American idea is more useful, because the British version leaves a thousand million as a 'thousand million - without a specific word for it).

However, what this means is that the trillion, being based on a billion, also suffers from a lack of clarity in its specific size.

A simple Google "UK GDP" returned "UK GDP = 2.13 trillion". Is this the American trillion, or the British trillion? One is a thousand times greater than the other.

A simple Google "UK Population" returned 60,943,912.

So how much is your share worth? Well it is 2.13 trillion divided by 60,943,912.

1) If the 2.13 trillion is being quoted in American units, that's 34,950 per person..

2) If the 2.13 trillion is being quoted in British units (which is more likely, bearing in mind the British source), it is a thousand times the above amount, i.e. 34,950,168 per person (as of January, 2009).

What does this mean? It means that the most valuable thing you possess is your signature. Your unique signature is backed by approximately 34 million in personal assets.

If you could captialise on these assets what could you do?

First of all you could 'sort yourself out'. Permanently. And your family.

But, don't forget, each member of your family is also worth 34 million in their own right.

What could you do with the rest? You could use it for what it was designed for - to benefit your community. Your community as a whole. Clubbing together with others to decide what you want to see in your neighbourhood. (After all, that's what your Government is supposed to be doing with it anyway. The reason why they don't is due to utter corruption on their part).

How do you do this? Some of us are attempting to claim direct ownership of our individual share via the Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right. Claiming the right to hold the share. To become the shareholder. Thus quarterly dividends would be paid to the individual, not the Government. And, furthermore, the individual henceforth has the voting right carried by the share.

At that point a Freeman-on-the-land is no longer be dependant on any form of State Benefits derived from the law-of-the-sea/Statutes. Such an individual becomes totally independent, and able to make sensible, non-corrupt, choices at all times.


Veronica: of the Chapman family

January, 2009